José Otávio | Product Designer

Creating a school application aimed at helping to bring parents closer to the school

Client: Sponte


UX/UI Designer


  • 4 Months (2021)


  • Lead UX efforts and discovery;
  • Ethnography and context analysis;
  • Prototype;

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There was an ERP system for school management, this project was bought by a Brazilian fintech called Stone. Under new management, this new project was born, which intended to increase sales of the ERP system and use the integrated payment system of Stone’s platform.

Its assumption: Combine the sale of the ERP with a school communication application with parents and students linked to the school, and above all, facilitate the payment of parents to the school and its costs.


- Limited time, the whole project should be finished in 4 months

- Access to users: I was doing this work through an Outsourcing company, the contracting company did not easily release customer data.


- Bring parents closer to their children’s school schedule

- Centralize parent payment within the mobile platform

Research & Discovery

Even with little access to data, we achieved some important milestones for the project, such as the chance to do ethnographic research and context analysis at two partner schools.

With this, we were able to have a slightly better understanding of who our users were, and have a greater understanding of how the contact between schools and parents and students was.


After mapping the discoveries made in the previous step, we were able to design personas and journeys based on the tabulation of the collected data, with which I was able to start aligning the application’s definitions with the customers' needs.

The initial scope raised was large, and needs to be refined so that its development is viable.

First App map, after the discovery process

App map post-refinements and ready for development in its first version


Honestly, I wasn't at the company when this project was launched to track the return on investment and its success.

But, There were many obstacles in the way of this project, and it was possible to deal with all of them until its completion, knowing how to mediate conversations to align business objectives with the needs of the client in a situation where you are just a third party is a difficult task.